THE GLOBAL EVENT OF THE YEAR IS BACK LIVE! 40 years of giving and sharing The Alternative Hair Show is so much more than an annual charity hair show.

Born out of passion and love, the core aim and belief of the Alternative Hair Show still focuses on helping finance research into childhood blood cancers at Great Ormond Street and other hospitals, supporting families with a sick child and assisting global projects to train medical staff. The odds of a child surviving Leukaemia are much higher than they were 40 years ago, but work still needs to be done, which is why the show must go on!

The loyal and regular fans of the Alternative Hair Show, many of whom have crossed the world each year to see the show live, and, for the last two years have made up a huge and expanding global online audience, have looked to the show for inspiration and information, as well as entertainment because, the Alternative Hair Show is not just about raising money, it’s also about elevating the status of the hairdresser. The hairdressers showing their work on stage are absolute craftsmen, artists and visionaries. Many hours, days and weeks go into the creation of each team’s individual show and it’s the legacy of Alternative Hair to show their work at its very best.

After 2 years of Virtual Streaming, the 2022 Alternative Hair Show, LEGENDS, will be LIVE once again and located at a new venue TROXY, an Art-Deco theatre in Stepney, East London, with an audience capacity of over 3,000 and with fantastic views of the stage.