The Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation, fighting Leukaemia, is delighted to announce the following new grants.

Blood Cancer UK – a further £30,000 in support of the project “towards more effective treatments for childhood leukaemia”. This brings the total we have contributed to this ground breaking research to £357,195. Even with COVID-19 impacting on their activities, the team at UCL Cancer Institute London are beginning to understand more about why some leukaemia cells resist treatment and they are now pursuing the possibility of reversing this process. In addition, the team have created a platform which can screen thousands of drugs to see if they will work to destroy cancer cells.

Maids of the Poor Sisters in Ethiopia, Taza Catholic Health Centre – a grant of £10,000 to provide emergency medical services, equipment and drugs.

World Child Cancer – a grant of £15,000 to provide urgently needed drugs services and transport costs to facilitate the effective treatment of children with leukaemia in Cameroon. A further grant of £10,000 to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity in support of leading edge leukaemia research.

How the Alternative Hair Show is helping to find more effective treatments for childhood leukaemia?

The Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation’s dedication to fighting leukaemia is truly remarkable. Their incredible generosity to Professor Enver’s research will help to develop kinder and more effective treatments for children diagnosed with this devastating disease.


Professor Tariq Envers at University College London is leading groundbreaking research to investigate and analyse the faulty genes that drive childhood cancer. These findings will improve our understanding of what triggers the disease and causes relapse – knowing this will be fundamental to improving treatment.

About Blood Cancer UK

Blood Cancer UK is a specialist blood cancer charity. We are dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by blood cancer, including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.