AHS Tickets available now!

Tickets for the Alternative Hair Live Show are available now on our website. Follow this link to get yours

michael - August 10, 2022
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Finalists for the International Visionary Awards

We are pleased to announce the finalists of the International Visionary Awards for the categories of Cut & Colour, Men’s and Avant-Garde.

michael - August 10, 2022
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AlfaParf Milano

Despite all the hard times we have been through,this year Alternative Hair has two things to celebrate.It is our 40th anniversary and we will be performing live.

michael - May 26, 2022
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We broke records

Our shows reached over 2.3 million people globally and the numbers are still growing. We are proud that our message get to so many people. Thank you all for your support!

michael - November 3, 2021
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Digital Magazines are ready

Great news for the Alternative Hair Creative Community members! The Digital Magazines are now available to view and download. This year we provide you with three different magazines so we are able to present all the artists work that contributed to the two days virtual show.

michael - October 30, 2021
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Shows are available to watch

Great news! Now you can watch all the Show team videos, the full Saturday and Sunday Show, the Visionary Award Competition and their announcement. Please follow this link for all videos:

michael - October 16, 2021
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congratulations to our International Visionary Award Winners and Runners up in each category. Those of you who watched the show yesterday, had the chance to see the announcement and find out the results for this year’s competition. If you haven’t seen it you can watch their reaction on this link:

michael - October 11, 2021
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Today is the big day

Watch the show today at 4PM (GMT) to find out who won the International Visionary Awards this year and to see 22 talented, world renowned artist’s incredible work. Register now for free if you haven’t done it yet. Please share it on social media to help reach more people.

michael - October 10, 2021
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The day has arrived!

Tune in for today’s show at 7pm (GMT) to see the creations of the International Visionary Award Finalists and the New Visionaries Show with 20 artists. Don’t forget to share it on social media to boost donations!

michael - October 9, 2021
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Few days left to the show

We are so excited! The show date is getting closer. Please register on our ticket page for live stream and donate to save lives. Don’t forget to share it on social media!

michael - October 5, 2021
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